Covid - 19


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The good news is that Pioneer Place does not have any residents or staff who have contracted the Coronavirus. Naturally enough, we are implementing many preventative measures to remain COVID-19 free. There are no guarantees that weíll escape this pandemic, but we will try our best.

Visitation is restricted to Pioneer Place. We are asking families and friends of our residents to respect the simple fact that COVID-19 is extremely contagious. It floats in the air, it lives on surfaces for days, it has no symptoms for weeks but a carrier is shedding the virus with every breath. That means we will not let you enter or remain inside the facility unless you have been screened, your temperature taken, your hands sanitized, and youíll be required to wear a mask and possibly a protective gown and gloves.


If you donít need to be here, please donít be here.

To learn more details about the preventative measures that we have in place, CLICK HERE





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